Discovery Box 9: Plastic Eggs

 I do love the cutesy little Easter egg crafts, really I do, but while my children are young and not actually capable of completing them independently i just don’t see the point in doing them. There’s so much emphasis placed on achieving an end result, a pristine product to be

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Discovery Box 8: Egg Cartons

I gave the girls a big box filled with egg cartons and just sat back to watch them and talk to them as they decided what to do with them. This was a fun Discovery Box! Both girls played with it at their own level and were creative in their

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Giant Rainbow Collage

Create a giant, beautiful and vibrant rainbow collage to consolidate knowledge of colours, practise sorting and matching and have a go at working on a large scale collaboratively! A while ago we made colour balloons to go on the wall. It’s amazing to compare the progression in Cakie’s understanding between

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Discovery Box 7: Pebbles

A full list of our Discovery Boxes and an explanation of Heuristic Play can be found under the labelled tab at the top of the page or click here. I found a lovely egg shaped basket and natural pebbles on sale in Ikea this week and just knew they would

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We’re Going On A Colour Hunt!

Create a colour scavenger hunt for preschoolers at home and outside, for lots of active fun and learning!  Colour Scavenger Hunt for Preschoolers We are gearing up for the joy of a first birthday in this house and Big Sister has chosen rainbow colours as the theme

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