It’s Playtime [13]: Play Dough!

You know how much I adore play dough and all its incredible uses and benefits! You can read all about the ideas we have tried here. I just loved these play dough related posts that were linked up last week!

Picklebums made some green play dough and added jungle animals

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Outdoor Concoctions Kitchen

In honour of International Mud Day this week, I finally got around to setting up a simple, open-ended messy play area in the garden. It is a place where the girls can explore, create, investigate, imagine, mix and concoct using the materials around them and generally have some good, old-fashioned,

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Sparkle Soap Mud

This is a sensory play recipe that I have wanted to try for a long time and it was so delightfully messy! Soap mud is a soft, foamy, glorious goop, which is wonderful for squeezing and squishing with hands and feet! It is often referred to as

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DIY Sand Box

Today I made the girls a seriously easy and frugal sand box/ pit from an under-bed storage box from Ikea! I’ve been meaning to get them a large wooden one, but until then this will do just fine. This required absolutely no skill whatsoever- perfect! I picked up the large,

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It’s Playtime [11]: Colourful Fun!

So many wonderful ideas were linked up again last week! I really enjoyed being inspired by you all, thank you. I particularly loved the colourful fun of these three posts! Share & Remember’s beautiful rainbow rice sensory play tub! Frugal Family Fun’s gorgeous and creative

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