Baby Sensory Play: Bubbles!

Here is the first in a series of simple play ideas for babies from 0 to 12 months. These activities focus on engaging the senses, curiosity, stimulation and early communication between baby and parents!  Baby Bean is 4 months old already! The time has flown by faster than ever, and

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Fibre Optic Sensory Cave!

Create a wonderful sensory experience for young children using glowing lights in the dark! We love turning cardboard boxes into fun places to play as they are free and can be turned into anything! They also make great tunnels, dens and caves. A while ago we used a long box

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Baby Play Ideas and Activities: 6-18 Months

Looking for ideas for baby play? Tired of everything being geared towards preschoolers? Here are 20 fantastic ways to play with your 6-18 month old baby, all rich in sensory exploration and promoting developing thinking skills!

Why not try: Creating Treasure Baskets for 6-18 month

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It’s Playtime! Baby Play Ideas

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Why Play is SO vital to learning!

A group of my favourite bloggers have come together to link up our most favourite and important posts from 2011 into a Best of the Best Celebration today! We have all chosen just one post from 2011 to highlight. If you are a blogger you can link up your very own favourite post below too!

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