Giant Bead Abacus for Counting and Addition

Turn a large cardboard box into a giant abacus for some fun counting and addition games with kids! Kinaesthetic learning and fun, with some motor skills mixed into the play too.Giant Abacus textWe had a huge cardboard box in our house for a couple of months which we used

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Alphabet Sound Machine

Make an alphabet sound machine for a fun letter learning early literacy game for kids! This hands on game promotes kinaesthetic learning through play and is suitable for toddlers to school age kids, with some extension activities.

Letters and Sounds Alphabet Learning Machine


When I was

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Counting and Measuring with Lego

Use numbered lego blocks to play some fun maths games with kids! Great for recognising numbers, counting, ordering and measuring in a hands-on, kinaesthetic and most importantly, playful, way! Counting and measuring with lego: preschool maths game!

Welcome to another idea from our Playful Maths series, co-hosted weekly with Debs from Learn with

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Weighing and Measuring With Egg Cartons: Playful Maths

Recycle old egg cartons for use in playful maths investigations, using them to create some weighing scales and a non-standard unit for measuring objects with!  Welcome to a brand new early learning series being hosted on The Imagination Tree and Learn With Play at Home each week, about Playful Maths

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Twinkl Educational Resources!

I am very thrilled to announce a brand new partnership  between The Imagination Tree and the fabulous educational resources site, Twinkl Resources! With so many free materials for you to download, print out and use at home or in the classroom, as well as incredible resources in the premium collection, I think you will be

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