Wire Coat Hanger Heart Sun-Catchers

Make beautiful heart shapes sun catchers using wire coat hangers and tissue paper! A simple up-cycling craft that’s great for little fingers with a lovely result too.Wire coat hanger heart sun catchers


I have been looking at our wire coat hangers for a while and keep thinking there must be a way to up-cycle them into an art or craft activity! If you pull them down in the middle at the bottom into a sharp point, then bend the two sides up and out into rounded corners, it makes a simple heart shape, ready for decorating and hanging up on display! How to make heart shaped sun catchers with coat hangers

For this sun-catcher activity the materials we used were really simple, just glue sticks and wide strips of brightly coloured tissue paper.

Coat hanger heart sculpture

I demonstrated one way that we could get they issue paper to wrap around the wire heart by folding two ends over and sticking them onto the main strip again with glue.

Cakie came up with her own ideas for overlapping the strips of papers because she wanted to see if the colours would blend when she held it up to the light, which they did beautifully!Coat hanger heart sun catchers

They continued wrapping around the wires hearts until all the gaps were filled up and covered over, then made sure to seal down any loose flaps.  They would also look lovely covered in glitter or sealed with a coat of white glue to make them harden.

We hung them in the windows to filter the sun through but because of the hangers they could hang  up anywhere! They would look lovely hanging from the middle of the room or on the wall too.Coat hanger sun catchers for Valentine's Day

Cakie: 5.4

Pop: 3.10

Bean: 1.11

What they are learning as they play:

creativity: layering, colour mixing, sculpture making

physical: tearing using two hands, wrapping, sticking

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