DIY: Castle Story Box

Well, I think you can see how thrilled this 2 year old was to hear about the cardboard box challenge we received from TinkerLab this week! We are thrilled to have been invited to take part, along with 20+ other bloggers, to celebrate TinkerLab’s anniversary and I can’t wait to

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Sticker Storytelling

I had this idea recently for creating sticker scenes which combined my drawing a simple background and C’s placing of stickers wherever she chose. She has absolutely LOVED it and has been absorbed in the whole process, from choosing the scenes to filling them up with stickers and then asking for more!  Continue reading Sticker Storytelling

Duck Pond Story Box

Here’s a fun little project that we made together last week that has provided plenty of imaginative play, singing and storytelling in our home. I have been waiting patiently to make our first Story Box together for the time when Cakie would be interested enough to play with it, and finally the time is right! 

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