Beach Cupcake Recipe

Make this super cute beach cupcake recipe with edible sand for a summer party or picnic treat! So ridiculously simple, just how we like things to be!Beach themed cupcake recipe for summer fun!


We made those cute little beach cupcakes for a friend who was having a seaside themed birthday party and they were so cute and easy to do. They would be lovely first cake decorating project for the kids this summer, and they could even sell them on the lemonade stand!Beach themed cupcake recipe

Beach cupcake recipe:

3 eggs

6 oz self raising flour

6 oz butter or margarine

6 oz caster sugar

few drops vanilla essence

dash of milk


Simply mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl, using a mixer. Done! Spoon the mixture into cupcake cases, filling each one 2/3rds full, then bake in a muffin tin for 25 minutes at 180 degrees C (that’s about 350 F.)

Beach cupcakes recipe with edible sand


To make the topping, first we mixed half a cup of icing sugar with a few drops of warm water and stirred until we made the correct consistency for runny icing (frosting.) I find this is different every time I make it, so experiment! Generally you don’t need a lot of water at all. We added a few drops of blue colouring to make it look like the ocean, then spread it over each cake, once they were cooled.

The girl loved the next step the best! I gave them each 5 or 6 digestive biscuits (Graham crackers are a smilier US equivalent) and they bashed them up using the pestle and mortar, until they resembled breadcrumbs. This made our edible sand topping. They sprinkled this all over the icing, covering it up. (That was around 10 biscuits total.)

To finish them off they stuck a beach umbrella cocktail stick into the top of each one! Voila!DIY beach themed cupcakes

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