Colour Sorting Pom Pom Drop Game

Make a fun game for colour sorting and fine motor skills coordination using rainbow cardboard tubes and coloured pom poms! A great indoor or outdoor activity for toddlers and preschoolers to enjoy again and again.

Colour sorting pom pom drop game for preschoolers!

Here’s the latest in our Toddler Play series, although so many of these ideas are applicable to all ages if the kids and mine have all joined in at various stages with each one!

Colour sorting and fine motor activity for preschoolers


We painted some long wrapping paper tubes in rainbow colours and left them to dry. When they were ready we stuck them to the inside of a large, under-bed storage box (from Ikea), using sticky tape.


Then we filled the tub with lots of plain and sparkly, colourful pom poms to match the colours of the tubes, and added some large tweezers for easy grabbing.

Colour sort and drop game for preschoolers

My eldest was the first to be desperate to play and loved  using the tweezers to drop the coordinated colours down the tubes and count them as they piled out of the bottom! Her littlest sister, always keen to copy, came along and played too, even managing to use the tweezers with some control and coordination. I love her little tongue-out-in-concentration face here!

Fine motor pom pom drop game

She matched some colours and others she just enjoyed posting and watching the cause and effect of the pom pom entering then leaving the tube, with lots of joy!

This would be very easy to extend for other learning intentions such as counting, matching the correct number of pom poms to the numerals, addition and subtraction. Follow your child’s lead and interests to see how the activity could progress.

Rainbow colour sorting tubes for preschoolers

What they are learning as they play:

maths: sorting by one criteria, matching, recognising and naming colours

physical: fine motor skills and coordination, using one-handed tools (with two hands initially, then one), dropping and posting, pincer grasp and release

knowledge and understanding: cause and effect

Cakie: 5.7

Pop: 4.1

Bean: 2.2

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  1. says

    Brilliant! So simple and so fun. I just recently came upon your website and absolutely love all that you share. Thank you so much.

  2. Helen says

    This looks like fun. Where do you get the pompoms from or what’s the right name to search for them as? Thanks.