DIY Play Dough Surprise Eggs

Make your own DIY play dough surprise eggs as a unique and imaginative Easter gift for kids, or just for everyday playful fun or rewards!

Homemade play dough surprise eggs for easter

I don’t know about your kids, but when I sometimes let mine look at YouTube videos with me, they always ask to watch opening surprise eggs! Recently we stumbled across some branded PlayDoh surprise eggs which come in the regular tubs and have a toy inside an egg shaped ball of dough.

Well, that was IT! We just had to have a go at making some of our own because there are never enough fun ways to use play dough! These would make a brilliant alternative, non-chocolate and candy Easter egg alternative, and better yet, you can choose your own little gifts to include to match each child’s interests (with no dud surprises!)Play dough surprise eggs contents

How to make DIY play dough surprise eggs:

First of all we made a batch of our super-quick, 4 minute no-cook play dough recipe.  We split it into 4 portions and coloured each one separately. We then rolled each one of those balls into golden glitter to make it super sparkly and magical!

Then I found some plastic eggs which I had saved from last Easter (you can find these in all £1/$1 stores in Spring time, or on Amazon, supermarkets etc.)

Inside each one I placed a small animal toy with some themed small world sensory items to add to the play. If you have a child who still puts thins in their mouths then omit these items. For older children they really help add to the imaginative play possibilities when opened!

How to make play dough surprise eggs

Then I rolled out the dough using a rolling pin and wrapped the closed egg and its contents inside like a present.

Once it’s wrapped around it was easy to roll into a smooth egg shape. I did the same for each one then rolled them again in the glitter to add a magical surprise element to the eggs!DIY play dough surprise eggs

The girls were thrilled to have their very own play dough surprise eggs! They chose a couple each at random to open and straight away started making imaginative small world play scenes with the contents and started playing together.

I tried to match the dough colour to the animal habitat in each case, and here are the other elements that were included:

Giraffe = yellow play dough and long grass cut from felt

Dinosaur = pink play dough and brown buttons in various shades and sizes

Frog = green play dough and felt lily-pads in three sizes

Fish = blue play dough, a shell and blue glass gem pebbles

How to make DIY play dough surprise eggs

There are SO many other alternative ways to fill the eggs, from their favourite characters, learning resources, mini lego or Playmobil figures etc. These were small things that we had and that worked together well in an animal habitat theme.

What would you put in yours?

I can’t wait to do this again at Easter time. I think I will put little Lego sets into the eggs for fun building opportunities! These would also make great take-home presents for birthday parties or class treats!  Fill them with sweets, stickers, marbles or hair accessories!

DIY sensory small world play play dough eggs

What they are learning as they play:

Knowledge & Understanding: animal names and habitats

Creativity: small world imaginative/ fantasy play, using elements to represent others in play, taking on a role or character during play

PHSE: receiving gifts, surprises

Cakie: 5.5

Pop: 3.10

Bean: 1.11

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