Painted Plate and Coffee Cup for Father’s Day

Paint a personalised plate and coffee cup for dad as a homemade Father’s day present! So easy to do and a special little gift that will be cherished each time he has his espresso and toast in the mornings!

Painted plate and coffee cup craft for father's day

Whenever Father’s day comes around I like the girl to make something small and simple that can become a little memory keepsake for the future, as a marker of their age and stage of development at the time of giving. Be that a simple drawing in a nice new frame or these cute little footprint and baby handprint plaques from kitchen ingredients, just something lovely that says “we love you daddy!” and doesn’t cost a lot of money. Personalised gifts are always my favourites and the ones I treasure the most!

This year we bought some porcelain and glass paints in the art shop and used them to paint and decorate a little coffee cup and side plate for daddy’s breakfast time! Their dad loves to drink espressos and who doesn’t need a plate with their name and face painted onto it, right?! Father's day painted plate craftThe nice thing about these paints is that they don’t need to be heated in the oven to be sealed, they just need to air dry to remain watertight and permanent. They painted a face onto the little side plate and C. wrote the word “daddy”. Then they painted sweet little flower decorations around the outside of the coffee cup, with a little secret heart inside at the bottom for him to find when he has drunk it all up!Painted espresso cup for father's day  We will give this to him along with some fresh new coffee and some delicious chocolates and of course, those all-important homemade cards!
 I can’t find a link to the little paint pots we found, but we’ve used these paint pens in the past and they also do an excellent job, lending themselves to a little more control for younger children.

Do you have any plans for Father’s day?

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  1. Sarah Haig says

    We are going to try and make salt dough plaques with my 4 year old and 8 month old twin boys (although we are running a bit short of time now). S

  2. says

    I am so totally inspired to do this. The normal glass paints would work alright, would it? I think I will find it here. Need to hurry and do it though :)

  3. Emma says

    Hi there,

    Love this idea for father’s day (well, for any special occasion really) and was just wondering…when you used the paint pens that you’ve put a link to, were the ceramic items washable afterwards. Think my daughter would prefer the paint pens to the actual paint, but worried that the mug/coaster wouldn’t actually be usable if they just wash off.


    • says

      I think it says about that on the packet (don’t want to give wrong advice!) but yes, pretty sure they stay. The ones we did it on were for decoration not for washing so I can’t be 100% sure, sorry!

  4. says

    We still have ones like these that our kids made for us when they were little and they are very durable and we still love them

  5. Carrie says

    I had all the moms last Sunday (church) bring shirts and drop them off with their kids. We used acrylic paints (and fabric paints) to make hand print Lions and hand print Eagles on shirts. First I had the kids use fabric markers on the back to draw a picture of them and their dad. Then the lion or eagle on the front. I added a caption. (lion: “my dad… is a friend of the LION.” and eagle: “My dad… waits upon the LORD. — Isaiah 40) I will do my son’s on Sunday actually WITH his daddy: a foot print of dad and a foot print of N. inside it. Verse: “Thy WORD is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” and the caption: Daddy teaches me to walk worthy of the LORD. (little inside joke: the kids have been singing a song called “I want to walk, walk, walk… worthy of the LORD” a lot!!). The shirts turned out great. I’ll be happy to send you pictures if there’s a way to do that.