Handprint Flower Card and Framed Art

Make a super quick and simple card or framed artwork gift for Father’s day (or Mother’s day, Christmas, birthdays, you name it!) as a lovely memory of the relative size of the children’s little hands. So easy that everyone can get involved from baby to teenager, and easy to put together in few quick minutes!


Handprint card craft for mother's and father's day

You will need:

patterned craft papers or wrapping paper in various different designs and colours

a larger piece of card

a medium sized frame large enough to contain all of the handprints

scissors & glue

To make the card or framed art, simply trace around one hand from each child in the family onto the patterned papers, and cut them out. Use a different pattern/ colour for each hand so that they are contrasting when placed together.

Then arrange them into a flower shape on a folded piece of card and have a child draw the stem and leaves and write inside.

Or arrange them as a flower or in size order onto a plain piece of card and simply frame it with the date added. You could also get each child to write their name underneath their own hand too.

That’s it! So quick and easy and looks really effective, both as a Father’s day card and as art on the wall.


Framed handprint art for mother's and father's dayLooking for more Father’s and Mother’s day memory making gift idea?

Try making these adorable and very easy hand and foot print keepsakes from salt dough!salt+dough+keepsakes+text

Here is a baby memory keepsake plaque from the same material.

Baby hand and foot prints plaque

What other ideas have you found for Father’s day gifts? Check out this fabulous collaborative Pinterest board Dad Rocks for loads of inspiration!


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