Mini-Masterpiece Thank You Cards


Create some gorgeous mini thank you or birthday cards using pieces of beautiful watercolour paintings! Such an easy, open-ended, process driven art activity for kids with stunning results, each one unique in design.

Mini Watercolour Thank You Cards Craft for Kids


After Pop’s 3rd birthday pirate party we had lots of lovely friends and family to thank for their gifts. I really like the children to make their own cards where possible, and one of our favourite simple ways to do this is to repurpose old artwork into something new.Material checklist for making watercolour thank you cards


To make these mini-masterpiece cards we pulled out some gorgeous watercolour papers that the girls had experimented on with colour mixing. They had painted on damp watercolour paper using block watercolour paints and water, and watched the vibrant colours blending together. I simply cut these into small rectangles, each one looking like a finished modern art piece in its own right!Mini watercolour paintings


Then we took some A4 size white paper and folded it in half lengthways, then cut in half. Those two pieces were folded in half again to make tiny, folded paper cards. These can then be unfolded to have a longer message written inside, or left as they are with space for just a short greeting.Mini folded paper thank you cards


They then mounted the little watercolour pictures onto the middle of the folded cards and stuck them using glue sticks.Mini-Masterpiece Thank You Cards


Inside I wrote the thank you messages and in some Pop attempted to write the letters from her name or to trace over mine, written in yellow pen. Then we popped them in envelopes to send or straight into our friends hands to those that we saw in person (saving on paper!)

Bright, quirky and fun mini-masterpieces from up cycled art work, and made in just 5 minutes! Mini Masterpieces Thank You CardsCakie: 4.7

Pop: 3.1

Bean: 14 mos

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  1. says

    Thanks for the beautiful idea! My daughter turned 6 last week, and we really need to get at those thank you notes. She would like this.

  2. says

    Really like the idea of cutting up a large artwork to create all the cards – when I get my toddler to try to paint lots of individual thankyou cards she soon gets distracted after the first few. This seems s great way to keep it fun and not too overwhelming a task for her! Thanks