Easy Homemade Wrapping Paper with Kids

Here are some really easy home made wrapping paper activities to keep the kids busy in the run up to Christmas, that require minimal input from adults and almost no additional materials!
I am thrilled to have been invited to take part again this year in the wonderful Creative Chiristmas Countdown, hosted by Red Ted Art and Creative with Kids! This is a daily simple activity guide from 24 fantastic bloggers, one for each day of Advent, all inspiring easy, achievable and economical ways to get creative this December. Read all about the initiative, see a full list of materials needed to join in and sign up to receive each activity in your inbox here. I hope you will play along with us!
For Day 3 of the countdown, we are showing how simple and easy it is to make some homemade wrapping paper! Using cookie cutters dipped into a shallow tray of acrylic or thick ready-mix paint, invite your child to print shapes all over a large roll of brown packaging paper. Choose Christmassy shapes such as stars, trees, angels, snowmen and reindeer! Get creative by drawing details or colouring inside the printed outlines when they are dry. 

 Another simple way to decorate papers is to cover a table top or the whole floor with a large roll of butchers paper or wallpaper liner. Set out pots of crayons, oil pastels, pens and stickers as an Invitation to Play, and sit back and watch them get creative! A truly collaborative effort and an opportunity to work on a large scale.

Use the finished papers to wrap gifts or to cut out and thread ribbon through to make gift tags!

Check back to Red Ted Art and Creative With Kids each day this month for more simple, fun and creative ideas!


  1. says

    I love the cookie cutter paper. Would never have thought of using cutters, but we have loads so that’s a weekend activity for the children sorted!

  2. Anonymous says

    I’ve been planning on having my 3 yo twins use cookie cutters to stamp onto paper for wrapping. Glad to see that 1. I’m not crazy and 2. It looks so good. Thanks!