DIY Easy Catching Game!

We have had some rainy days here recently and being stuck inside combined with having a newborn has led to some cabin fever for all of us! So the other day I made a quick game using some old milk containers for some indoor fun and energy-burning!

This is SO easy and took me literally two minutes to do, so a great last minute “I’m tearing my hair out and need a diversion NOW!” idea! (we need a lot of those at the moment it seems!)
Simply cut into the bottom of a plastic milk container using sharp scissors. Remove the pieces (as shown below) and voila, two catchers with ready-made handles, all ready to play!

We found the adorable bean bag chickens that Maggy from Red Ted Art gave to Pop for her 2nd birthday and decided they were the perfect thing to throw and catch with. Check out how to make these yourself at Maggy’s tutorial here. To increase the difficulty you could try using a tennis ball or even ping pong balls!
And then we set to playing! Daddy demonstrated the perfect under-arm throw and Cakie perfected her catch. Using such a large catching device made it easy for her to achieve and she got some fantastic practise with her hand-eye co-ordination and gross motor skills.
Not to mention plenty of running around, jumping, throwing, fetching and general laughter! Food for the soul on a cooped up rainy afternoon!
Leraning Links:
  • physical: gross motor movements and control, hand-eye coordination, underarm throwing to a target
  • pshe: turn taking, learning how to lose!

Cakie: 3 years
Pop: 2 years

What do YOU do on days when you feel you are going mad with little ones underfoot?! 

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