Green Giant Healthy Eating Winner

You may remember the post a little while back where I asked for some advice on how to encourage the kids to eat more veggies? There was a competition for the most helpful and interesting ideas and the winner of that glorious organic hamper from Abel & Cole is Sarah Jones! Congratulations!

She said:
 We have found that it is best to try new vegetables/vegetables about which the child is uncertain:
– at a time when there is little stress 
– in a soup which the child helps to make.

If the vegetables are appreciated in soup then they will often be tried in another context but a pureed soup does remove the issue of different textures and simplify the newness to taste alone.”

There were MANY wonderful and creative ideas, many from readers outside the UK (who sadly couldn’t be entered to win!) and here are a few of their extremely helpful tips:

Heather suggested growing your own vegetables with the children and then playing games such as “name the veg” once they’ve been harvested. Great idea!

Cindy suggested allowing your child to help prepare and cook the meal from scratch, talking about the veg that are going into it and letting them see the whole process.

Other fab ideas were to hide veggies in soups and pizzas toppings, have a bowl of fruit and veg out for constant access and simply talking to your child about the health benefits they will receive. What a great collection of ideas everyone! I wish you could have all won.

For more ideas on encouraging healthy eating with kids, Green Giant’s Facebook page regularly posts some great tips so check it out! And here’s a little Merry Christmas message from them too.

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