30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge: Outside Adventure!

Day 11: Outside Adventure!

So easy, so healthy and so much fun!

Play prompt:

Spend 15 minutes taking a walk outside and turn it into a mini-adventure, whatever the weather! 
Depending on where you live in the world here are some different ideas of ways you can make your outside time into a fun play time!

Taking a sisterly stroll in the woods!

If it’s Spring where you live right now:

  • go on a hunt for a certain colour/ shape of flower. How many can you collect? can you bring them back to make a flower collage?
  • look for bugs under rocks and logs. Take a magnifying glass to examine them closely!
  • build an outside structure using branches and leaves
  • search for fairies/ elves under branches and in hidey holes in trees!
  • play hide and seek 
  • climb trees
If it’s Autumn where you live right now:
  • take a basket for some autumnal treasure hunting! fill it with as many different types and colours and sizes of leaves as possible. Look for acorns, chestnuts, conkers, seeds (whatever grows in your area) and see how many varieties you can collect. Bring them home and make them into a sensory tub, a nature table or huge collaborative collage
  • make or find a pile of leaves and jump in it! 
  • throw and kick leaves and go searching for the crunchiest one possible!
  • play hide and seek behind trees/ leaf stacks
  • climb trees
If it’s already snowing where you live!
  • make a snowman or snow animal
  • build an igloo or snow cave
  • make some snow tracks and follow them
  • take a spray bottle filled with diluted paint in water and make snow art!
But it’s raining today! (I hear you say):
  • take umbrellas and dance in the rain
  • jump in puddles with wellie boots on
  • do some drawings with pens then take them out to watch the rain make them into watercolours!


There’s no such thing as bad weather- just inappropriate clothing!

 Wrap up, get on those waterproofs and get out there. 

We really can’t wait to hear what you get up to!

[Please remember, this is just a play prompt. You are not being asked to replicate any of the ideas exactly from this 30 Day Challenge! We hope to spark an idea for an activity and give an opportunity to try something a bit different each day and the emphasis is very much on having relaxed, good fun and a really engaged play session.]

Let us know what fun ideas you had and adaptations you made by leaving a comment! You can also join the discussion over at The Play Network

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It’s not too late to join the challenge! Read the original post here and go back to see what has been suggested already. Either start there or jump right in!

Tomorrow hands on: as we grow will have the challenge for day 12! 

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