Goldilocks and the Three Bears Dramatic Play

You may remember that our 5 a day book choices this week were different versions of the traditional tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

 Earlier this week we made some play dough and added porridge oats to make a lovely, textured, sensory play experience.

 And today we had fun with a little dramatic play set up, using three different sized teddy bears, three bowls, spoons and some dry porridge oats. We brought the book along with us and used it to retell and act out the story using the story props.

 Cakie was remarkably good at getting all of the key elements in the right order and has a fantastic Daddy bear growly voice!

 There was a chance to squeeze in some subtle maths play and problem solving, by having to match the correctly sized bowls and spoons to the right sized bears, with lots of comparative language such as biggest and smallest.

 Cakie noticed we didn’t have a Goldilocks so she jumped at the chance to play her in the story (and she does fit the part in more ways than one!) Here she is testing out all of the different porridges to see which one is JUST RIGHT!

 And then she went and got three chairs, all of her own accord, and tested them out for comfort! She retold this part of the story beautifully too.

 And Little Pop quickly started saying “teddy bear” and “yum yum” for the first time that I’ve ever heard, so the language development was great too. So much to be said for the benefits of PLAY!

Cakie: 36 months
Pop: 18 months

Learning Links:
*Literacy: retelling a story in the correct order, telling stories from memory, recounting key elements and characters from a well known story, language development and consolidation
* Maths: ordering and matching by size, using comparative language of bigger/ biggest smaller/ smallest, problem solving and thinking skills
*Creativity: using props to represent other things in imaginative play, taking on a character and keeping in role
* PHSE: working together to retell a story, being confident to act and narrate in front of others, staying in role for a sustained length of time, concentration skills


  1. Anna says

    Oh I love this idea. Such a good way of bringing words and concepts to life. Am going to have to go and get out my daughters books and see what other ones it can be done with too.