Thank You!

The fabulous Run for Mum team! 4/6/11
On Saturday we did it! 17 wonderful friends and family, plus 3 babies in the womb, ran (or fast paced walked) 5k to raise money for The Wegener’s Trust! 

We did this in honour of my precious Mum and to raise money for research into the rare disease that she died from, called Vasculitis. You can read all about it here in my original post about our Run for Mum. (You still have until Saturday to leave a comment on that post- I am donating £1 extra per comment left! Up to nearly £50 at the moment. Make me pay!)
So many wonderful friends and family joined with me to run. The thing that strikes me about all of these photos is that people were smiling the whole day!
Getting ready to go!
The seriously good folk!
Well trained and super speedy!
 Look at that focus!
These girls all put me to shame.
And some ran with me to keep me company, even though I’m much slower than them. Ahh, that’s love.

Two of the wonderfully pregnant friends,  walking their socks off for a good cause!
And what’s an event without loyal supporters and cheering crowds?
Woo hoo, reaching the finishing line one at a time!
My fabulous helper during the day before and morning of the event. Love you girl!
Taking it in their stride and making it look SO easy.
Watching out for Mummy. Why’s everyone else finished already?!
Ah there she is, lugging it over the line at last.. (did I mention I’m not exactly fit?!)
Another fab friend who kept me company, looking way too cool to have just run 5k!
More wonderful supporters and what a gorgeous baby!

Congratulations Mummy! You walked so fast!

Onto the serious stuff…PICNIC time!

Just look at these gorgeous heart-shaped Welsh cakes!
And here’s the clever lady who made them!

Along with some of these delicious cakes. Thanks to the girls for their pink sparkly contributions too! So delicious :-)

And after all that effort and eating everyone deserved a little goody bag as a thank you for participating!

What a wonderful day, great memories made and friendships sealed! And all for such a great cause. 

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who took part, those who came to support us and of course to all who have donated to this very worthy charity. I am humbled and amazed to say that we have already raised over £5070 for The Wegener’s Trust, and money is still being donated! My Mum would be so proud. Thank you from us all.

Until next year!

If you would still like to donate to this fabulous cause then we would be so grateful, as will The Wegener’s Trust! Thank you so much.

** I would like to say thank you to my brother Owen and my friend Jon for many of these wonderful pictures. The great ones are theirs! **


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    What an awesome team! What a fab event! You did so well. I bet your mum would have been chuffed to beyond words!

    A huge hug to you and your wonderful friends!