DIY: Magnetic Chalkboard Table

 This project takes only about half an hour to do and adds an original, fun and easily accessible new dimension to outdoor art and play!

I bought this tin of magnetic chalkboard paint at Homebase and painted two coats onto an old Ikea coffee table that we were storing in the garden. It seems to be fairly waterproof and goes on very thick. 

The table is proving very popular with the girls and their friends when they come to play! 
 It’s the perfect height for standing at to draw, scribble and make marks with thick chalks. Standing up at the right height to draw and play is very good for gross motor skill development and more comfortable and natural for small children than sitting at desks or tables.
 I painted a little wooden box for storing the chalks in and some small cardboard boxes too for doodling on. I even painted the inside of a couple of kitchen cabinet doors for secret drawings (I just couldn’t stop myself once I got the paint out!)
 And because it’s magnetic that adds an extra dimension and more possibilities to the play.
 Due to being so very black it creates a beautiful contrast when using coloured sand on it to draw in and  make patterns with- almost like a reverse light table! 

I’ve got a few more plans up my sleeve with this magnetic chalkboard paint and will share them soon!

This DIY project encourages:

  • creative play and experimentation with a range of media
  • drawing and mark making on a large scale
  • outdoor play opportunities
  • gross motor skills- drawing standing up


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    What a great idea! I think I just found a new purpose for an old piano bench that has been taking up space indoors! (It has storage, too!) ^_^ Thanks for having such a wonderful blog! – Janina

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    Fantastic! I never knew it could be magnetic chalkboard paint. We made a table with chalkboard paint but I don’t know about the magnetic part. We made ours with a lip so when my son plays with his cars or trains on it, they don’t roll off easily.

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    Love that magnetic chalkboard paint – so versatile, & I love that table!:) We have similar table in our garden just a little smaller. The great thing about the paint is that it can be reapplied if the furniture weathers outside.

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    Paint arrived last week, but been too wheezey to attempt it! Paint sets off my asthma big time! So when I am cold free will be trying it next week! Can’t wait!