Notes From The Beach

We are slightly out of contact this week due to having a wonderful time away together exploring beaches and jumping over waves! There’s little internet connection and actually, that’s just fabulous.

With few toys to entertain them we are inventing games by the dozen and realising just how much there is to do in the beautiful variation of outdoor life.

Cakie has been exploring caves searching for that ever-elusive bear from her favourite story “We’re going on a bear hunt.” This was one of our 5-a-day books last week and she has been retelling the whole story by acting it out wherever we go. Dramatic eyes and wonderful intonation to boot!

But when outside, all she wants to do is run, jump, explore and be free. And little sister is turning out to be exactly the same. Lovers of this great creation we have been gifted with.

Daddy has kitted C out in surf gear and she had her first taste of jumping the big waves. She is in love and has caught the bug big time! “More waves, more
waves, the BIG ones!” through chattering teeth and blue lips.

And when she’s just too cold for any more we have been making towers and art from pebbles.

And jumping to make crazy body art with our shadows then laughing at the results on my phone camera.

Exploring rock pools and treasuring the little collections of seaweed, rocks, periwinkles and limpets that she finds and wows over with wide eyes.

These are wonderful memories being made and we are on “go slow and enjoy” mode. We will be back later in the week with stories to share, but until then, have a great week!

We are off exploring!

(by the way, if this post looks super weird it’s because I’m experimenting with publishing this from my phone! let me know what it looks like as I have NO idea.)

Ps- 5-a-day Books will be back NEXT Monday!


  1. Alice says

    Have a wonderful time!
    Your post looks fine, the photos are a little grainy because of the more intense compression that goes on when you publish anything from a phone, but nothing too bad. Dont worry! Enjoy your wonderful time!

  2. says

    Wow, what a lovely holiday! We are hoping to visit the seaside this week – really looking forward to it.
    PS Your post looks great. I don’t think your images look ‘grainy’ to me (see comment above) they just look like you’ve used that cool app that gives photos the look of 70s polaroids.
    …if, of course, you haven’t used this app then they prob are a bit grainy!