Printing with Spaghetti

Make some paint prints using left over cooked spaghetti! A perfect tactile early art experience for toddlers and pre-schoolers.
Toddler art printing with spaghetti
Today we had some left over cooked spaghetti so we did a quick messy play and art activity after tea to use it up. It follows on from the string printing that we did last week and was even more tactile and fun!
I squeezed some paint onto a baking sheet and got Cakie to mix it up (we made purple in one corner, her favourite). Then she dropped in a few pieces of spaghetti to each colour paint and doused them until they were nice and gloopy.
Then she spent most of the time squishing her fingers in the paint and exploring the feeling of the slimy spaghetti. She just wanted to play with it rather than print with it!

Toddler and preschooler printing activity with spaghetti

I had a go at printing and then of course she wanted to join in, so she picked up the pieces and dropped them onto her paper.
She then repeated with other colours until a lovely, random pattern began to build up. She also added finger paint marks and mixed up the paint colours on the paper.





















Her finished masterpieces!

Spaghetti print pictures

Lovely abstract prints to frame, archive or use as wrapping paper or gift cards.

Printing with spaghetti
Lots of messy fun and a good way to use up those leftovers!

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