Shaving Foam Marbling Valentine’s Hearts

After we played with the “snowy day” small world play the other day, I took out the toys and we did some marbling using the remaining foam in the tray. Thanks very much to my friend Clare for telling me about this lovely craft activity! Just perfect for this age group in so many ways and easy peasy too, which always helps!
All you have to do is drip a few drops of food colouring into the tray of shaving foam and then mix it all up. We used pink, blue and green and the resulting colours were very pretty pastels. Depending on what effect you were trying to create you could go for brights, “boyish” colours or just stick to one colour at a time.
It looked so delicious when mixed up- like toothpaste or sweeties. Mmmmm!
Simply lay a piece of white paper on top of the swirly patterns and push down gently. Then lift it off. This was all easy enough for Cakie to do by herself.
Then I used another piece of paper, folded over, to scrape off the excess foam from the dipped paper. It feels like this will remove all of the pattern, but it actually seems to intensify it instead and obviously helps the picture to dry more quickly..
And the results were pretty spectacular considering the resources used! We did this over and over until we had used up all of our paper. (We used drawing paper for this as it is thicker and heavier, therefore absorbing more colour than ordinary writing paper would do.)
The papers were left to dry overnight and then I laminated them and cut out zillions of heart shapes to make some decorations with.
 I punched a hole in the top of each one and threaded through some thick ribbon, and they hung on it without needing glue etc.

And a few more I hung on individual little bits of ribbon and added a few buttons. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them but they look cute :-)

Maybe I will hang a couple of these in the girls’ rooms.

And by turning the hanging hearts on their side they became a little string of heart bunting, which I like even better.

These are hanging up as our Valentine’s decorations.

The paper would be lovely used for cards, wrapping paper, card toppers or simply framed.

I think it would also be beautiful for making Easter egg pictures from. We shall be doing it again soon!

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