Baa Baa Black Sheep Song Sheet

We made another interactive song sheet this week to go with the Incy Wincy Spider one that we already finished. 

 This one doesn’t contain any of Cakie’s own artwork so it’s not as good, but hopefully the next ones will.

 The bags of wool are numbered and can be removed and matched up by colour, shape and numeral.

 And Mr Black Sheep can be removed and played with (or indeed danced with) during the song!

I found some lovely black self-adhesive velcro tape on eBay and it’s holding all the pieces very firmly in place! I’m now thinking of a whole host of things I want to get started on and that beautiful sunshine out of the window right now is spurring me on. The countdown to Spring begins, hooray!

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  1. says

    Aaah and another gorgeous nursery rhyme, what a lovely mommy you are! I absolutely adore them.

    Would love for you to link this one up too!