Play dough cupcakes

Cakie has really taken on board the fact that it has been her birthday. So much so that every day she says “appy birfdaay asshhie” to herself and has even learnt the words to “Happy Birthday to you” which she can sing (pretty much in tune!) all by herself.

So today we kept the birthday theme alive by making some play dough cupcakes.

We gathered lots of sequins, plastic jewels and wooden beads and spread them out on a plate.

She started to squeeze and squish them into 2 balls of play dough (ELC Soft Stuff this time, not home made!) I gave her 2 muffin cases to put them into.

Developing the pincer grip again and strengthening up those small hands muscles.

She used some candles to go on top. 2 for 2 years!

Beautiful creation.

Look at those little pursed lips revealing such purposeful concentration!

Stick in a birthday badge for good measure and VOILA! What a delicious looking cake!

Counting out sequins and beads to add to the learning experience. The counting went something like this…. “seven, EIGHT, nine, TWO, seven, EIGHT, nine….TEN!!” And copious amounts of self-congratulations followed.

It’s exciting stuff all of this learning!

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  1. Emma AK says

    Might try this – see the piccies on FB of our actual cupcake making session. Resulted in two bags of caster sugar upturned while my back was turned. Despite sweeping and mopping furiously the floor is STILL sticky!

  2. says

    Thanks for commenting and for the encouragement!

    Yes try it out Emma- lots of fun, easy and no mess! Although making real cakes does have a much more rewarding result (and let’s face it, the mess is both educational and worth it!)

  3. says

    This is a super idea, thanks for sharing! I think it would be nice with a batch of vanilla or chocolate scented play dough, don’t you? Discovered you via ABC 123 – so glad I did!

  4. says

    Wow, they are amazing!! I guess ours will progress to that level as she gets older and more skilled! Lovely. Thanks for sharing