Role Play Birthday Parties

If you read here often you will know that at 2 years and 9 months, Cakie is near-on obsessed with birthdays. I think she is like most young children in this respect, loving balloons, cake and most of all the wonderful presents! A little while ago I set up a play space for them to

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DIY: Treasure Chest

I love how toddlers develop a new interest every 5 seconds and are so enthusiastic about life! This week it is suddenly ALL about pirates in C’s little world, mainly influenced by some new story books that we have been reading. So I thought that a treasure chest would be

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Birthday Imaginative Play

Ever since Little Pop’s birthday party we have had birthday fever in this house. Cakie is just desperate for it to be her birthday and, since that’s not going to be a reality for a while yet, I have created the next best thing-  a semi-permanent birthday play space instead.

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The Central Importance of Play

I’ve been wanting to write about the importance of play for some time, but every time I try to do it the enormity of the topic just overwhelms me. How on earth can you contain in a single post the huge significance of a playful childhood?! So instead I want to simply outline a few key

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Small World Play: Dinosaur Land

We made a new small world play scene together to cater for C’s new interest in dinosaurs. We have one of the “Harry and the Dinosaurs” stories and she likes it, but in all honesty it was the television version that got her hooked! Ah well, a bit of TV is fine right? Continue reading Small World Play: Dinosaur Land