Lavender Play Dough Recipe

It’s the last hurrah of summer with the most incredible, unheard of, temperatures up to 29 degrees C at the end of September! So we’ve traded the usual wellies and raincoats for dresses and bare feet and are embracing every last minute of it with outside play-a-plenty!


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Easy Homemade Paint Recipe

We have made this easy homemade paint before, about 6 months ago now, and it was time to try it again with some new, delicious, candy colours! This time Pop was able to get in on the action too and it made for a nice combination of mixing and concocting, creativity and sensory investigation. Continue reading Easy Homemade Paint Recipe

Blueberry Sparkle Playdough

After we made the natural food colouring this week I wanted to try out using the blueberry one to dye some homemade playdough. It turned out a beautiful raspberry pink colour and smelt lovely and fruity!

 We added some red glitter to make it sparkly

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Homemade Natural Colouring

I’ve been wanting to have a go at making food colouring/ liquid watercolour paint from natural ingredients for so long, and finally had a go this week. It’s so easy! I decided to try just three colours to begin with, green, purple and yellow, although I’m pretty sure it’s possible to

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Sparkle Soap Mud

This is a sensory play recipe that I have wanted to try for a long time and it was so delightfully messy! Soap mud is a soft, foamy, glorious goop, which is wonderful for squeezing and squishing with hands and feet! It is often referred to as

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