Easy Chocolate Play Dough Recipe

No-cook chocolate play dough recipe

Here is an easy and delicious no-cook recipe for chocolate play dough! Make this super simple no-cook chocolate play dough recipe with your preschoolers and school aged children for a fun sensory or Valentine’s day activity or to give as a take-home party favour gift idea too. No-cook chocolate play dough
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Glitter Cloud Dough Beach Sensory Tub

I am officially in LOVE with Cloud Dough! It is one of the easiest play recipes to make, requiring only 2 ingredients from around the house, feels fabulous between the fingers, can be formed and moulded into shapes, is easy to clear up and lasts for ages! What a brilliant play substance! It really should have

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Top 10 Play Dough Recipes from 2011

Here are the Top 10 Play Dough Recipes and Play Ideas from this site in 2011, according to their popularity. As you probably know by now, play dough is one of my play passions and if you haven’t already, I hope you will have a go at making your own for the first time or

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Gingerbread Play Dough Recipe

Here’s a wonderfully easy, beautifully scented gingerbread playdough recipe that takes just minutes to make, makes the house smell so much like Christmas and is a great DIY gift to give to friends! No-cook gingerbread play dough recipe Ingredients: 2 cups plain flour (all purpose) 1/2 cup salt 2 tablespoons

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Recipe for Mouldable Sand

Last week we had a go at making golden shimmery cloud dough but it turned out to be something quite different to what we expected! Thanks to the lovely Kierna from No Such Thing as Bad Weather and a reader called Rachel, I was introduced to a new recipe which makes a totally different end

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