Counting and Addition Activity Tray

Set  up an open-ended maths activity for kids using counting manipulatives, play dough and a dice, in a dip tray! With opportunities to practise counting, 1:1 correspondence, matching amounts to numerals and simple addition and subtraction games, this can be adapted for all ages and stages of mathematical development (and is plenty of great fun!)

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Alphabet Sound Machine

Make an alphabet sound machine for a fun letter learning early literacy game for kids! This hands on game promotes kinaesthetic learning through play and is suitable for toddlers to school age kids, with some extension activities.

Letters and Sounds Alphabet Learning Machine


When I was

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Nature Exploration Table

Set up an interactive nature exploration table for children to explore and examine natural elements at first hand. Coupled with some nature journals it becomes a great way to introduce some simple science exploration into the home or classroom with a dedicated area for observation and learning. Spring nature exploration table for kidsContinue reading Nature Exploration Table

Counting and Measuring with Lego

Use numbered lego blocks to play some fun maths games with kids! Great for recognising numbers, counting, ordering and measuring in a hands-on, kinaesthetic and most importantly, playful, way! Counting and measuring with lego: preschool maths game!

Welcome to another idea from our Playful Maths series, co-hosted weekly with Debs from Learn with

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Counting with Beads and Pipe Cleaners Maths Activity

Use coloured beads, pipe cleaners, numerals and play dough to set up an exciting counting and sorting maths activity for kids. This is also great for fine motor development and the finished creations can be made into permanent resources for future maths games. number bead math game

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