Painted Plate and Coffee Cup for Father’s Day

Paint a personalised plate and coffee cup for dad as a homemade Father’s day present! So easy to do and a special little gift that will be cherished each time he has his espresso and toast in the mornings!

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Mini-Masterpiece Thank You Cards


Create some gorgeous mini thank you or birthday cards using pieces of beautiful watercolour paintings! Such an easy, open-ended, process driven art activity for kids with stunning results, each one unique in design.

Mini Watercolour Thank You Cards Craft for Kids


After Pop’s 3rd birthday

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Painted Fruit Box Flowers

Create some beautiful flowers from recycled materials and watercolour paints in this simple flower craft for kids with stunning results!

Recycled watercolour flower craft

While shopping recently we picked up a large cardboard fruit tray that some apples had been displayed in (these are usually available in any supermarket to

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Pointillism Painting with Cotton Buds from The Artful Parent Book

Experiment with pattern making and a simple Pointillist technique by painting and mark making with cotton buds! This fantastic art activity for kids comes straight out of the very wonderful book The Artful Parent:¬†Simple Ways to fill your Family’s Life with Art and Creativity¬†by Jean Van’t Hul of The Artful Parent blog, and we are

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Straw Blown Paintings

Create some beautiful artwork with kids by blowing colourful paint across the paper using straws! A wonderful activity for toddlers and older children with gorgeous, colour-blended, abstract results. We had a go at creating beautiful art work by blowing paint through straws! Straw blown
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