Stuffed Snowman Sewing Craft for Kids

Sew a little stuffed snowman using felt and buttons with twigs for arms to hang on the tree or sit on the mantlepiece this Christmas! A cute collaborative craft to do with kids during the holiday season as a decoration or a homemade gift. You can’t help but smile when you look at that little

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Upcycled Lanterns from Kids’ Art

Upcycle some children’s art work into some gorgeous paper lanterns to make a creative and vibrant display in the art area! A great way to re-use all those lovely paintings that the kids keep on producing!

Lanterns from Upcycled Kids' Artwork

Our kids

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Painted Fruit Box Flowers

Create some beautiful flowers from recycled materials and watercolour paints in this simple flower craft for kids with stunning results!

Recycled watercolour flower craft

While shopping recently we picked up a large cardboard fruit tray that some apples had been displayed in (these are usually available in any supermarket to

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