Cinnamon Play Dough Cookies

Make some delicious smelling cinnamon and nutmeg play dough, ready for homely pretend play baking and cooking making together! Easy, no-cook recipe which results in plenty of afternoons filled with creative play and learning together!  fall and autumn cinnamon no-cook play dough recipe Continue reading Cinnamon Play Dough Cookies

Autumn Leaf Spin Art Garland

Celebrate the beginning of Autumn by creating some beautiful fall leaves using oils pastels, paint and glitter to make a spin art garland!Creating spin art is one of the girls absolute favourite ways to create pictures. It is easy, achievable by all, virtually mess-free and produces vibrant

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Autumn Play Inspiration [from It's Playtime!]

It’s officially nearly Autumn and I’m excited because I just adore everything about this season! Here are 5 fantastic ideas for playing and creating with kids as the leaves start to change and the conkers fall.

1: Very creative autumn leaf stained glass window art from Taming the Goblin

2: Lovely collection of

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30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge: Outside Adventure!

Day 11: Outside Adventure!So easy, so healthy and so much fun!

Play prompt:Spend 15 minutes taking a walk outside and turn it into a mini-adventure, whatever the weather! Depending on where you live in the world here are some different ideas of ways you can make your outside time into a fun play time! Continue reading 30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge: Outside Adventure!

Autumn Leaf Crown

Make a lovely Autumnal crown from leaves collected on a walk! We were at the park yesterday and collected some gorgeous fallen leaves from “the orange tree” as C described it. I gave C a strip of white card and she coloured it with some

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