Moon Dust Sensory Writing Tray

Magical moon dust sensory writing tray

Magical moon dust sensory writing tray Create some magical, sparkly moon dust sensory writing tray for use in early literacy, mark-making and writing activities! A creative, original and fun way to get kids excited about learning, as well as being a great, Montessori style sensory experience too!

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Rainbow Alphabet Crayons

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Create your own alphabet of crayons for a fun gift for preschoolers and a sneaky way to practise some early literacy skills at the same time!

 These beautiful, rainbow alphabet crayons are straightforward to make and there’s some fun science to learn during the process

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Paper Plate Number Spinner!

maths paper plate number spinner

Make an easy, fun resource for counting and number recognition using paper plates and foam number stickers! math number spinner paper plate counting As part of our new Playful Maths series we will be making some of our own numeracy resources for simple. fun

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Gruffalo Play Dough!

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Create a model of the wonderful story book character, The Gruffalo,  using play dough, added materials and imagination! Then use it to retell the story together!

You will know by now that we absolutely ADORE play dough. We have tried many different recipes, flavours and

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An Irresistible Word Scavenger Hunt

Playdough to Plato 5

A fabulous article about an outdoor playful literacy activity by Malia from Playdough to Plato. Enjoy! ___________________________________________ I love making learning entertaining and this outdoor word scavenger hunt definitely does just that. As children race around tracing labels for common backyard objects, they don’t even notice that they are practicing reading and writing. It’s brilliantly

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