Cinnamon Play Dough Cookies

Make some delicious smelling cinnamon and nutmeg play dough, ready for homely pretend play baking and cooking making together! Easy, no-cook recipe which results in plenty of afternoons filled with creative play and learning together!  fall and autumn cinnamon no-cook play dough recipe Continue reading Cinnamon Play Dough Cookies

It’s Playtime! Snow Play!

I wish it was snowing here in the UK, but we haven’t seen a single flake this year! However, it IS snowing in plenty of other places in the world, as proven by the number of wintery snow and ice activities linked up last week! I particularly loved these three snow

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Recipe for White Play Dough

 Make this bright white snow play dough recipe for hours of winter themed sensory play with kids!White sparkly snow play dough I’ve been wanting to try out making bright white play dough ( or snow dough!)  for a while so we experimented with our usual no-cook recipe

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