Contact Paper Recycled Sculpture

The girls worked for a long time together on this collaborative project in the garden yesterday, using only contact paper (sticky back plastic) and a collection of recycled materials from around the house!

First, I unpeeled a large piece of contact

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Spring Foam Window Murals

Make an open-ended creative play activity on the window or in the bath tub, using foam sheets cut into Spring shapes! Do you remember way back when we made some foam shapes for making art on the windows? Those were SO much fun and promoted lots of open-ended creativity

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DIY: Foam Picture Fun!

The inspiration for this little DIY fun project came from a wonderful blog called Filth Wizardry. The writer of the blog has some wonderful, creative ideas! First of all, I bought a packet of 20 sheets of craft foam from Tesco for £1. Bargain!

I used about half

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