Shaving Cream Bath Paint!

Turn bath time into art time with some easy to make bath paints!

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 We have had some super fun recently at bath time, simply by whipping up some easy peasy bath paint! All you need is a can of shaving foam/ cream (preferably

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Water Painting on Coloured Chalk

Have some creative fun (and some playful literacy too) with an easy, indoor, water painting activity! Pop is verging on being obsessed with painting and wants to do it ALL the time.  So much so that “paint, Mummy” was one of her first sentences! But we can’t have painting out

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Messy Play: Coloured Sand and Water

The weather has been beautiful this week so the girls have been playing in the garden with a range of multi-sensory materials and toys. I found this wonderful range of play sand for only 99p per bag at the 99p shop and we bought it in purple, green and red

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Multi-Sensory Bath Times!

If you follow me on Facebook you may remember I posted a while back about the pink bath that I gave the girls one day! And I wondered how I had never thought of something so simple and fun before?!

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Flower Pot Painting

We have been outside in this (relatively) warm weather enjoying the first glimpses of Spring and starting to get busy and mucky in the garden again. Cakie could spend the whole day outside if she was allowed to, so rain and mud can’t stop us.                      

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