Baby Sensory Play: Water

Next in our Baby Sensory Play series are the wonderful, limitless possibilities of water play! 

Every experience for baby is a new one and filled with amazing opportunities to learn about how things work, cause and effect, relationships between people and objects and what things can do. This is why babies investigate their whole new

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Freezing and Melting Objects in Ice

A fun scientific investigation for kids on a hot day: freezing and then melting objects in blocks of ice!

Freezing and defrosting ice experiment

 We have had some wonderfully hot weather this week and our play has been mainly outside from breakfast to bedtime. To help cool down

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Colour Concoctions with Coloured Water!

 We explored colour mixing with coloured water concoctions on kitchen towels! They learnt about colours and made beautiful tie-dye patterns on the papers as a by-product, which are little art works in their own right.

We put about 1-2 cm of red, yellow and blue liquid food colouring into

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Homemade Rain Gauge

Here’s how to make a really simple rain gauge using recycled materials, for some rainy day fun! There are plenty of opportunities for learning about measuring, number recognition, capacity and weather along the way too!

We have had the most incredible, persistent rainfall for the

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Shaving Cream Bath Paint!

Turn bath time into art time with some easy to make bath paints!

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 We have had some super fun recently at bath time, simply by whipping up some easy peasy bath paint! All you need is a can of shaving foam/ cream (preferably

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