5 a Day Books: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This is quite possibly my 3 year old’s absolute favourite story at the moment. And so we will focus on a few different versions of the traditional tale this week as part of our 5 a day book list.

This first one has appeared on our lists a few times as it’s

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5 a Day Books: Babies!

 This week we are going for the theme of BABIES as C is beginning to talk more about “the baby in Mummy’s tummy!” As we are still a long way off due date I don’t want to raise her anticipation too much, too soon, but some stories with babies as central characters

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Notes From The Beach

We are slightly out of contact this week due to having a wonderful time away together exploring beaches and jumping over waves! There’s little internet connection and actually, that’s just fabulous.

With few toys to entertain them we are inventing games by the dozen and realising just how much

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Snow Day!

Today was a snow day and that means lots of fun coupled with doing not-a-lot. Fantastic!

Apparently it is indeed possible to jump on the trampoline even when it’s snowing and and covered in a layer of snow.

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