Tissue Paper Flowers

A collection of Spring crafts and activities for kids

Make some gorgeous tissue paper flowers for Mother’s day or as a lovely way to celebrate Spring by decorating the house and using in flower shop role play games! These can be adapted in any way and embellished with stickers, sequins and glitter to make them as simple or spectacular as wanted. Continue reading Tissue Paper Flowers

12 Art Activities using Tissue Paper

tissue paper jam jar lantern craft from http://theimaginationtree.com

There are so many ways to create beautiful art work and projects with kids using tissue paper! It is cheap, easily obtainable and comes in such a great variety of bright colours, making it so versatile and easy enough for even little ones to tear and stick! Here are 12 fun ways to use tissue

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Jam Jar and Tissue Paper Luminaries

Create beautiful stained glass lanterns using recycled glass jars, tissue paper and sequins! Perfect for an afternoon art activity on these dark Autumn and Winter afternoons and they look so beautiful glowing with candles on the mantlepiece! Over on my Facebook page I regularly share photos of our daily Invitations

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Tissue Paper Stained Glass Hearts

Create some beautiful stained-glass effect hearts for your window! This is a really easy and popular art idea and was achievable and fun for both my 3 year old and 1 year old, which is always a real bonus!  Even better, it just requires two materials, tissue paper and a

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Tissue Paper Bleeding Art

Here is a way to make very simple, beautiful art work using just tissue paper and water! I was totally inspired (perhaps for the first time!) by the Mister Maker art show where he shared this simple method and it has been on our chalkboard to-do list for SO long!

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