5 Ways to Celebrate the True Meaning of Easter

Amidst all of the chocolate and marshmallows, bunnies and chicks, flowers and hats, egg hunts and pretty pastel shades, there is of course, a real story that needs to be CELEBRATED. Easter isn’t as easy to relate to as Christmas and sometimes we stumble as we try to explain it to our children, but if

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Paper Mache Easter Egg

All of the inspiration to make this came from the beautiful idea by Melissa at The Chocolate Muffin Tree (check out her colourful site!) Our blogs aren’t related although it sounds as though they should be from their names :-) Fist of all we took some

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Wool and Glue Birdie Nest

Make a bird’s nest using yarn and glue as a perfect little craft for Springtime! This is just too cute for Spring! I have to confess, I got the idea for sculpting with wool/string from watching Mister Maker (yes really!) I must watch him more often as he has some

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Broccoli Print Blossom Trees

Broccoli print blossom trees

Over the weekend the trees have suddenly started to blossom and a certain little girl is totally enamoured with them because they are PINK! Wherever we walk or drive a little voice chirps up every few moments “Ooo look, another pink tree!” I’m in love with the awe and wonder that comes with this stage

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Daffodils for St David’s Day

St David’s Day is coming up on March 1st and being half Welsh we just have to celebrate it! My Mum used to send me into school wearing a daffodil pinned to my jumper (and even a leek on one unlucky occasion I seem to remember!) I have some photos of me dressed up in

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