Easter Egg Spin Art Garland

We used one of our favourite methods of painting to create a beautiful spin art Easter egg garland! I cut some simple egg shapes from coloured card and dug out our paint-stained salad spinner!

 The girls knew exactly what to do and even selected their own

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Fun With Plastic Eggs!

Today’s feature article is written by Melissa Taylor from the wonderful Imagination Soup!  Enjoy! Ready to get out those gazillion plastic Easter eggs again? I love all the playful learning fun kids can have. And, the eggs are inexpensive, too. Bonus, right? We keep our plastic eggs out for

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Spring Foam Window Murals

Make an open-ended creative play activity on the window or in the bath tub, using foam sheets cut into Spring shapes! Do you remember way back when we made some foam shapes for making art on the windows? Those were SO much fun and promoted lots of open-ended creativity

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5 Ways to Celebrate the True Meaning of Easter

Amidst all of the chocolate and marshmallows, bunnies and chicks, flowers and hats, egg hunts and pretty pastel shades, there is of course, a real story that needs to be CELEBRATED. Easter isn’t as easy to relate to as Christmas and sometimes we stumble as we try to explain it to our children, but if

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Paper Mache Easter Egg

All of the inspiration to make this came from the beautiful idea by Melissa at The Chocolate Muffin Tree (check out her colourful site!) Our blogs aren’t related although it sounds as though they should be from their names :-) Fist of all we took some

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