10 Shape Learning Activities for Kids [It’s Playtime!]

Here are some great ways to learn about shapes with young children which are all are easy to set up and offer plenty of scope for creativity! Learning maths skills through play and art is the best possible way! Many of these ideas were linked up through It’s Playtime, thank you to all who contributed

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Play Dough Learning Mats for Literacy and Numeracy Development

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We all know that play dough is tactile, fun and great for all multi-sensory early developmental play. But it can also be used in creative, playful ways to promote early literacy and numeracy skills in a hands on way. There really is no need for worksheets when we have such a great resource to hand!

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Homemade Rain Gauge

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Here’s how to make a really simple rain gauge using recycled materials, for some rainy day fun! There are plenty of opportunities for learning about measuring, number recognition, capacity and weather along the way too!

We have had the most incredible, persistent rainfall for the

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Giant Felt Shape Pictures

I found a huge, felt-backed board that was part of a Bible visual aid set and got it out for the girls to make some shape pictures and patterns on. I cut out some simple shapes of varying sizes from felt sheets (I got a pack of 100 from

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DIY: Foam Picture Fun!

The inspiration for this little DIY fun project came from a wonderful blog called Filth Wizardry. The writer of the blog has some wonderful, creative ideas! First of all, I bought a packet of 20 sheets of craft foam from Tesco for £1. Bargain!

I used about half

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