Hedgehog Hibernation Exploration Basket

Create an exploration basket with natural treasures to find out about Autumn, hibernation and hedgehogs! hedgehog hibernation sensory play autumn basket  It’s the perfect time of year for going on nature walks and foraging for fallen treasures to take home and explore! The girls

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Rock Pool Sensory Small World Play

After a trip to the beach where we collected lots of pebbles and shells, we made our very own rock pool sensory small world play scene to continue the fun and learning at home!

You may know by now that we love to create small

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Farmyard Sensory Small World Play

Create a farm-yard small world play scene using real sensory elements to enrich the fun and  learning experiences for young children! Pair it with a favourite farm story or information book, to give some context-rich literacy opportunities too! Farmyard sensory small world play scene

When setting up

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Patriotic Sensory Tub

Make a sensory tub filled with colours related to the Union Jack flag to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee (or 4th July in America!) Adapt this for your own country or region by changing the colours, flags and added extras!

I just couldn’t resist making this sensory tub with

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Water Bead Seaside Sensory Tub

We created an under-water sensory tub filled with water beads for some imaginative, exploratory, sensory play! Pin ItWe have FINALLY jumped on the water bead band wagon and they really are as fun and wonderful for little children as everyone says they are! Water beads are a substance made from

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