Sculptural Art Ideas for Kids [from It’s Playtime]

There were some wonderful ideas linked up to It’s Playtime last week, and in particular I loved these activity ideas for creating sculptural art work with kids! Exploring art in three dimensions creates new opportunities to plan, problem solve, create and imagine for young children. Enjoy these wonderful ideas!


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Contact Paper Recycled Sculpture

The girls worked for a long time together on this collaborative project in the garden yesterday, using only contact paper (sticky back plastic) and a collection of recycled materials from around the house!

First, I unpeeled a large piece of contact

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Paper Mache Easter Egg

All of the inspiration to make this came from the beautiful idea by Melissa at The Chocolate Muffin Tree (check out her colourful site!) Our blogs aren’t related although it sounds as though they should be from their names :-) Fist of all we took some

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