Lunar Landscape Sensory Small World Play

Create a sensory, small world play scene to replicate the moon’s surface and provide hours of space imaginative play for your little ones! Using recycled materials and homemade moon dust, it’s easy to set up and can lead to plenty of learning opportunities and creative story-telling too.

Make your own

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Homemade Rain Gauge

Here’s how to make a really simple rain gauge using recycled materials, for some rainy day fun! There are plenty of opportunities for learning about measuring, number recognition, capacity and weather along the way too!

We have had the most incredible, persistent rainfall for the

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Egg Carton Printing

We made some simple, beautiful prints using just an egg carton and some ready-mix paints! The wonderful Tinkerlab is hosting another Creative Challenge and the material she presented us with this time was the humble egg carton. I didn’t want to present the girls with a set craft to create

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Make a House From a Cereal Box!

Today’s feature article comes to you from Cathy who blogs at the lovely UK blog NurtureStore! Enjoy! cardboard box house  With crafty kids in the house there’s always demand for new materials to create with. One thing we always keep well stocked is our Making Box, packed full of boxes, papers

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Easy Paper Bag Weaving

It’s time for another creative challenge from the wonderful Tinkerlab!  This time the simple request was to make something creative from a paper bag.  That’s it!  There are so many different things that can be done with a humble brown paper bag, from story puppets to animal masks, but I

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