Alphabet Pumpkins and 5 Playful Literacy Games!

Put a new twist on the usual pumpkin decorating by incorporating some playful learning of letters and sounds! Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, these alphabet pumpkins promote great fine motor skills, concentration, creativity and phoneme-grapheme correspondence! The girls have been very busy with our pumpkin canvasses over the

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Yarn and Ribbon Wrapped Pumpkins!

Use yarn and ribbons to wrap around pumpkins, for a bright and beautiful alternative to pumpkin carving this Autumn season! Great for fine and gross motor co-ordination skills, as well as encouraging creativity and the opportunity to work on a larger scale. We have been decorating lots of pumpkins over

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Pumpkin Activities for Kids

Enjoy this fabulous selection of pumpkin activities to do with kids this Autumn season! All original, fun, creative and achievable ideas for young kids and great for adding to a Fall bucket list!

Be inspired by these ideas from our own site and also these wonderful sites that

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It’s Playtime!: Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

WOW! Last week there was a sheer EXPLOSION of wonderful, creative, playful ideas linked up to It’s Playtime! Over 200 to be exact! We are so thrilled to be part of such an amazing community and hope that you all keep sharing and inspiring us all to get busy with the kids. 

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Pumpkin Drip Art Paintings

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Make some beautiful artwork using pumpkins as a canvas!

pumpkin drip art painting autumn fall When we saw that pumpkins were reduced to just £1 each at the supermarket this week we just had to buy some to

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