Wellie Boot Printing!

 Take one child (and a Mum!) in wellie boots, a tray of bright paints and lots of cardboard sheets.

 Dip feet in paint and walk, stomp, dance, jump and run to your heart’s content!

 Create a beautiful, rainbow, mess of

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A Rainbow 1st Birthday!

Little Pop is 1! We celebrated outside with our little mums and tots group in the glorious, warm Spring sunshine (who says the British weather is always bad?!) Birthday balloons on stalks, our birthday tree in full bloom and lovely 1st birthday cards.

 Garlands of

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Fork-Scrape Painting

The way that we chose to do this activity is NOT for the clean and tidy person. If you are worried about mess then back away slowly from this post and do not read on!If, however, you don’t mind a bit of crazy mess-making amidst all of that creativity, then welcome

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Broccoli Print Blossom Trees

Over the weekend the trees have suddenly started to blossom and a certain little girl is totally enamoured with them because they are PINK! Wherever we walk or drive a little voice chirps up every few moments “Ooo look, another pink tree!” I’m in love with the awe and wonder that comes with this stage

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Cookie Cutter Heart Printing

Happy Valentine’s Day! If nothing else, it’s a great excuse for lots of chocolate eating (always a bonus) and doing art and craft activities linked to hearts. In this girly household it goes down very well! This activity can be adapted to use any shape and is super easy and

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