Printing with Peppers

This is one of my favourite art activities to do with young children because it is simple, easy for them to manage independently and the results are very beautiful.

 I love all printing activities really and love how even a baby can print with duplo

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Eric Carle Tissue Paper Prints

Eric Carle style tissue paper print art by The Imagination Tree

Our first activity for our Eric Carle focused week is beautiful art work made using the exact method that he describes on his own website. He created many of his pictures by simply painting and printing onto tissue paper, then cutting and sticking them to create shapes and pictures. eric carle tissue paper art
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It’s Playtime [8]: Natural Play

Well, it has to be said. Last week’s It’s Playtime was packed full of the most creative and playful ideas ever! 116 in total and every one inspiring and diverse. I found it really hard to choose favourites but have chosen to feature some of the ideas for art and play

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Paint Layer Collage and Portraits

We have had fun turning some painting and printing into pieces of bright, expressionist art work and self portraits! Both girls were fully involved in this project, working at their own level of course! First of all I found some sheets of A3 paper that I had painted onto long

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Muffin Tin Op Art

I’ve seen this idea around a lot and love the simplicity of the printmaking process- just perfect for toddlers and preschoolers! All that is needed is a muffin tin, some paint and paper. We got the muffin tin from the girls’ play garden and Cakie painted the upturned sections using

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