Shaving Cream Marbling Autumn Leaves

Create some beautiful Autumnal leaves using a simple marbling technique with shaving cream, paint and glitter! Beautiful for creating Fall displays at home or in the classroom!It’s been a long time since we first had a go at shaving cream marbling! It’s such a wonderful combination of sensory, art

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Van Gogh Style Finger-Paint Printing

Create some beautiful art work with kids, inspired by the great Van Gogh, using just paint, fingers and paper! Easy, child-centred, open-ended and stunning! We’ve been inspired by the great artist Vincent Van Gogh for our latest Kids Get Arty project! The

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Egg Carton Printing

We made some simple, beautiful prints using just an egg carton and some ready-mix paints! The wonderful Tinkerlab is hosting another Creative Challenge and the material she presented us with this time was the humble egg carton. I didn’t want to present the girls with a set craft to create

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30 Days to Hands on Play! Printing with Objects

Toilet rolls dipped in paint make fabulous circles!

Day 23:Printing with ObjectsPlay Prompt:Take a little box or basket and go for a hunt around the house with your child, looking for some everyday objects to print with. Absolutely anything and everything will do! The more unusual the better. Dip

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Bubblewrap Print Seascape

This was a fun, easy printing project with lots of elements to add to it over a few days, keeping us busy and occupied for longer! The result is a beautiful under the water scene made using bubble wrap printing, hand printing, plenty of glitter and some googly eyes.

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