Glow in the dark cave!

A recipe for half an hour of fun on a wet, grey afternoon in the British summertime!

 Take one ENORMOUS cardboard box and put it in a dark spot in the house (it was very dark inside but hard to photograph!) Find a box of

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Playdough Pizzas!

   Here we are in beautiful Italy, without many toys and with plenty of wonderful things to taste, see and smell. The last time we were here with the girls we made some delicious autumnal playdough using coffee to colour and flavour it. Cakie made little pizzas and cooked them

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Discovery Box 11: Pine Cones

A lovely blog reader, Gill, sent me a huge box of pine cones that she had collected from her garden in the hope that I would come up with something to do with them! I was thrilled as the girls have only got one measly pine cone in their treasure basket and I knew they

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Role Play Birthday Parties

If you read here often you will know that at 2 years and 9 months, Cakie is near-on obsessed with birthdays. I think she is like most young children in this respect, loving balloons, cake and most of all the wonderful presents! A little while ago I set up a play space for them to

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DIY: Treasure Chest

I love how toddlers develop a new interest every 5 seconds and are so enthusiastic about life! This week it is suddenly ALL about pirates in C’s little world, mainly influenced by some new story books that we have been reading. So I thought that a treasure chest would be

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