Threading Beads Alphabet Activity

Fine motor alphabet threading beads activity

Use some pipe cleaners and threading beads as a fun, multi-sensory and kinaesthetic way to learn letters of the alphabet and literally feel the way that they are formed with your fingertips! This is a lovely pre-writing and reading activity for pre-schoolers and older children who need to practise their fine motor skill coordination too.Continue reading Threading Beads Alphabet Activity

Counting with Beads and Pipe Cleaners Maths Activity

number bead math game

Use coloured beads, pipe cleaners, numerals and play dough to set up an exciting counting and sorting maths activity for kids. This is also great for fine motor development and the finished creations can be made into permanent resources for future maths games. number bead math game

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Threading with Pipe Cleaners and Beads

Set up a little Invitation to Play for toddlers and preschoolers using coloured pipe cleaners and matching coloured beads, for a great fine motor and siring and matching activity! Threading with beads is a fantastic activity for promoting fine motor development in young children . It requires concentration, thinking skills,

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Play Dough Inventor’s Workshop

Use old electrical cables, loose parts and recycled junk materials to create an imaginary play inventor’s workshop, using play dough as a base material to build and secure. This activity is fantastic for providing open-ended creative play, hands-on investigations, designing and planning, story telling and scientific discoveries! Best of all, as with all great kids

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